-Consulting:  Our financial management consulting team is equipped to assist client organizations with strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, budgeting, and lender relationship management.  We spend the time and energy needed to understand our clients' business, and we methodically offer workable solutions which resolve the matter while protecting and even enhancing the client's culture.

-Debt negotiation:  We negotiate debt with your current lender providing the objectivity and pragmatism of seasoned banking professionals.  Our entry point for this practice area has ranged from early warning stages to post commencement of foreclosure and even post stipulation.

-Refinancing:  We work with banks, tax-exempt and taxable bond underwriters, institutional lenders, capital resources, government loan program providers, and private lenders to offer our clients competitive terms and loan structure.  We eliminate the empty promises, long delays, and other frustrations associated with financing real estate projects in this challenging environment.  Our expertise is applicable to new projects as well as existing projects which require refinancing for reasons ranging from improved terms to adversarial action resolution.

Our consulting practice provides comprehensive solutions for the following assignment types: