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A battle has been joined for the future of an important part of our great nation—a battle unseen by average citizens. The battle has been going on for years, but recently its intensity has forced Christian organizations to downsize or even close their doors.

Author, successful banker and founder of CFS Financial, John R. Warren, offers a Plan to Rescue struggling organizations from the throes of financial defeat. By focusing on excellence and the simplicity of effective financial management, John seeks to equip boards and other organization leaders with the tools necessary to survive and even thrive.

Warren explains, “My passion is using my skills, experience and education to advance Christian education and the work of churches and parachurch ministries by providing consulting to churches, schools and ministries nationwide. In this book, I explain the external economic environment, the current state of the banking industry as it relates to this group, and the organization-threatening financial obstacles faced by Christian nonprofits. My hope is that this book will assist you in taking a more radical, focused approach as you lead your organization.”


“In The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits, John Warren is, in effect, calling those of us in Christian leadership to heed Solomon’s wisdom:  ‘Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.’ Those who do so may well survive—even thrive—in a climate in which Christian non-profits face increasing hostility from without and splintering from within. Fairly applied, the principles and precepts in this survival manual will re-establish the Christian enterprise you love upon a solid footing.”
--Hank Hanegraaff, best-selling author and president of the Christian Research Institute

“John Warren has been used by God to serve ACSI schools at critical junctures in their history.  His banking background, business acumen, and ministry heart have brought a unique perspective and insight to assist Christian schools in fulfilling their mission.  The Financial Rescue Plan For Nonprofits provides a thorough perspective on what John provides for Christian schools to accomplish their ministry and mission.” 
–Daniel Egeler, Ed.D., President, Association of Christian Schools International

“With his expertise and experience in banking and finance, John Warren provided invaluable counsel to our board.  His team literally brought our school from the brink of bankruptcy to financial health.  Without John’s help, our school would no longer exist.”
– Paul House, Chairman, Board of Directors, Aurora Christian Schools

“One of the best decisions we have ever made at Annapolis Area Christian School was to partner with John Warren and CFS Financial.  First and foremost, John Warren is a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  John’s biblical priorities coupled with his intuitive insight into the banking/financing world, was just what we needed.  I recommend John and the CFS team with great confidence and certainly with equally great thanks for their selfless and superior work with AACS.” 
–Rick Kempton, Superintendent/Head of School, Annapolis Area Christian School

“Faced with the crisis of a bank having foreclosed on the land we were leasing from an individual, Mr. John Warren found us through ACSI.  Because of his fervent love for Jesus Christ and his fire-like determination to help ministries in financial distress, Mr. Warren and his CFS team gave us spiritual as well as financial insights that helped win us another year on the property.  God is truly blessing the CFS ministry.  We are glad John’s banking expertise is being used to glorify God.  We can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Warren and CFS Financial.” 
–Dr. Thom Allen, Administrator, Grace Christian Academy